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Iberica Holdings Co., Ltd.: Clinical Research Management

Photograph of Iberica sunflower growing to the sunlight, with young team superimposed in the middle of the bloom

Iberica Holdings’ approach to healthsciences is based on the ideal of not just providing full contract research services, but also ensuring that those services provide the means for advancing the current state of development and clinical trial management.

Iberica achieves its innovative approach through strategic collaborations with academia and private enterprise, while strongly focusing on Sponsor’s needs and realizing the advantages of Translational Research and an improved Critical Path in development.

With the establishment of Kurume University Translational Research Center (Kurume TRC) in Japan and Iberica Clinical Research Center (ICRC) in the U.S., Iberica has firmly established itself as a global academic contract research organization (global ACRO). By leveraging the academic and consultancy functions of Kurume TRC and its clinical CRO operations in Japan and the US, Iberica is able to develop and provide society with the best possible solutions for global development of healthscience products.